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Paid Submissions

Paid submissions are the operation of paying for having a website listed in the web directories. More and more search engines and directories are taking on to paid submissions now-a-days. The main advantages of Paid Listings (and Pay for Inclusion) services are that they may speed up your inclusion, reassure for site review or provide you better rankings in specific directory or search engine Web sites.


You are instantly indexed & your site refreshed on a regular basis in paid submissions, thus allowing you to make changes whenever you feel one for and react much quicker. You can consequently start receiving traffic much sooner which you can convert to customers and justify the cost of the paid submission.


Directory submissions process, however, has always been more difficult than search engine submissions process; moreover it has now-a-days become expensive too. Random submitting of your website to any search engine or to multiple business directories could result in your website being poorly ranked and Page Rank Dropped. Getting your website listed in Google, Yahoo & MSN would be more than enough as these are the main search engines that are used globally, unless of course you donít mind paying for a relevant quality directory or search engine site relating to your region. Itís highly recommended as itís called a more optimized search


The most important directory on the Internet to have your site listed in is Yahoo. Itís the most popular directory after Google, charging $299 to review your website. Some other directories taking up for paid listings are Looksmart, Lycos, Overture, etc. The results obtained from these directories are fed to other search engines as well, so itís all deeply interlinked.


Popular Paid Submissions Directories are: